Mizzou Summed Up: “Twitter-addicted journalists looking for their next relevancy hit off the Black Lives Matter crack pipe”

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Jason Whitlock may have authored the most coherent piece on the insanity consuming the University of Missouri, along with some other campuses now taking part in this loosely organized temper tantrum. He mentions one name in particular that received little to no national attention the past couple of weeks: Tyshawn Lee. See, you probably haven’t heard of him, a total failure on the media’s part.

Chicago buried nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee on Tuesday. Police allege gang members lured the boy into an alley and executed him in a revenge killing aimed at his father.

Father Michael Pfleger, a white minister in a predominantly black Chicago community, eulogized Lee and castigated our society, blaming the boy’s death on our “lost conscience.”

How can we argue?

The execution of an innocent black boy draws the attention of a handful of local dignitaries while the death of a black teenager foolish enough to wrestle a cop for control of a gun helps foment unrest on a nearby college campus seven months after then-attorney general Eric Holder destroyed the fallacy of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot.”

Lies stacked on top of lies create the bullshit we’re witnessing in Columbia, Missouri. Clever faculty members, in my opinion, baited a small group of misguided black students into stirring a racial shitstorm strong enough to attract Twitter-addicted journalists looking for their next relevancy hit off the Black Lives Matter crack pipe.

The absurdity of the past week at Mizzou couldn’t be duplicated on South Park.

A 25-year-old, “Fresh Prince” black grad student threatened to starve himself to death under the pretense that the school president hadn’t done enough to stop unidentified white men from uttering the N-word when passing by in trucks and carving swastikas with poop.

The white liberal, Ta-Nehisi Coates-quoting mafia declared Mizzou an unsafe space and a hostile killing field for blacks and opened their media platforms to any person willing to share a story about hearing the N-word while in Columbia the past 50 years.

“Cry Wolfe!” is how this entire episode should be remembered. Liberal academics talked black kids into crying wolf over racially tinged rude behavior so an unpopular president would be unseated.

Adult professors who should be educating kids on the continuing damage of institutional racism, instead built a human shield around a tent city set up to host the starvation of an N-word fighter disguised as a freedom fighter.

As they say, read the whole thing.  Actually, in reference to South Park, we’re sure they’ll have fresh material on the Missouri lunacy in coming weeks, but they reminded us what will be happening when everyone has a safe space from those meany police.

Meanwhile, even Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times has noticed the monster they left has created.

Yes, universities should work harder to be inclusive. And, yes, campuses must assure free expression, which means protecting dissonant and unwelcome voices that sometimes leave other people feeling aggrieved or wounded.

On both counts we fall far short.

We’ve also seen Wesleyan students debate cutting funding for the student newspaper after it ran an op-ed criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. At Mount Holyoke, students canceled a production of “The Vagina Monologues” because they felt it excluded transgender women. Protests led to the withdrawal of Condoleezza Rice as commencement speaker at Rutgers and Christine Lagarde at Smith.

This is sensitivity but also intolerance, and it is disproportionately an instinct on the left.

Kristof should expect and ugly avalanche of criticism from the Social Justic Frankensteins. We’d feel sorry for liberal coming to this reality, but where have they been the past 25 years?

By the way, as to the Whitlock piece, naturally he’s getting angry comments from the Me Generation, including this gem:

Andrew Heger · Los Angeles, California
As a magna cum laude graduate of the University of MIssouri J-school News-Ed program, I can confidently state that this is the stone-cold stupidest and most reductive/non-responsive pile of pig shit disguised as deep thought I have ever read in print, and I have read at least 100 David Brooks columns. You have long been a disgrace to the field, but you are now so out-doing your prior “work” as to bait me into making my maiden voyage into the fetid sludge of internet comment sections just to hurl ad hominem invective at your clueless, high-functioning-retard ass — and non-anonymously at that. So, if nothing else, you’ve accomplished that — congrats on that achievement. Pity there are no Razzies for journalism, this would be a mortal lock.

Pathetic, really.

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  1. Steve Brennan on 12/12/15 at 9:15 am

    Should not Mr. Heder be taken to task for using the term “retard’. Not exactly accepted speech these days.