Megyn Kelly Tears Apart Odious Amnesty Shill Luis Gutierrez

Posted by on Feb 19, 2015 at 7:36 am

When far-left cranks like Barack Obama and his Chicago toady Luis Gutierrez don’t get their way, they ignore the law and make insane threats. The loathsome Gutierrez, who does not believe in the rule of law, has decided to spit on law-abiding Americans after a Texas judge put a temporary halt to Obama’s lawless amnesty scam.

Via the Corner, he’s quick to specify what he means by “militancy” — “voter registration, voter participation, voter anger at the Republican Party” — but I think that’s more a case of a savvy politician scrambling to cover his tracks in anticipation of criticism than saying what he means. Using a word like “militant” to describe basic civic duties is like Mitt Romney once describing himself as “severely conservative.” One word obviously doesn’t go with the other, which leads you to wonder what the speaker really meant. I wonder, how “militant” might a guy who thinks his only loyalty is to the “immigrant community” be willing to get if the glorious path to open borders is thwarted for much longer? He’s issuing a threat here. He just doesn’t want to fully own it.

Megyn Kelly then had at this incoherent tool Wednesday night. Enjoy:

See, if you don’t agree with clowns like Gutierrez, your a xenophobic racist or something. Just keep talking, asshole.

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