Media Starting to Tire of Grandma’s Evasiveness: ‘Dodging the press just comes off as arrogant and imperial’

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Grandma’s Groupies are starting to get the message: She’s just not that into you. Besides, she’s unable to answer even softball questions. You think she’s actually going to answer anything about her criminal activity?

There is no record of what she discussed Monday night. Bob Greenwood himself did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Neither did the Clinton campaign. Daily Mail Online received a form-letter reply instead.

‘Due to the large volume of requests we receive please allow 3-5 businessdays for a response,’ the message read.

See, she’s so popular and so many people want a piece of her they’re just swamped by requests. So we’ll get back to you in three or five days. Or never.

Greenwood is a party loyalist – a former three-term Waterloo city councilman and a failed 2012 candidate for the state legislature who in 2013 received the American Pharmacists Association’s highest award for  ‘government and legislative services.’

Greenwood is also the president-elect of the Iowa Pharmacy Association.

Clinton is acquiring a reputation for skirting reporters’ questions. An online counter published by The Washington Post has counted the minutes – more than 39,300 of them – since she has fielded a question from a journalist.

As reporters get anxious, voters miss opportunities to hear her weigh in on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade proposal, and her own scandals involving alleged conflict-of-interest problems at the state department and a private email server where she secretly conducted all her electronic communications while in the Obama administration.

On Tuesday she has a small-business roundtable event scheduled in Cedar Falls, Iowa – a manicured happening of the vintage she has served to journalists before. Pre-selected Iowans will ask her pre-cleared questions on pre-arranged topics.


The maroon Scooby van will deliver Clinton on Tuesday morning to Bike Tech – a Cedar Falls cycling shop – for the staged affair.

Pre-approved journalists, including Daily Mail Online, may attend. But if Clinton has another secret event up her sleeve Tuesday afternoon, the world may never know.

Few reporters will talk about their frustrations with covering Clinton. One other, a cable television news correspondent who, like the first, requested anonymity, mused on what may be in store for Team Hillary.

‘Maybe by this point next year Hillary’s people will be clamoring for us to interview her as Elizabeth Warren and Martin O’Malley make mincemeat out of her,’ the same journalist observed. ‘But for now dodging the press just comes off as arrogant and imperial. Which is not the model she ought to be trying to emulate.’

‘I mean, really: If you hold a campaign party and there are 100 of us flying in to Iowa to cover you, the least you can do is tell us the event exists. We don’t expect you to feed us or mix us martinis. Just don’t make this presidential campaign marathon any harder or more idiotic than it needs to be.’

Here’s an idea. All of you just stop covering her until she answers questions.

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