Media Matters Drug Addict David Brock Demands Hillary Release Her Emails

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 at 1:59 pm
David Brock

Wait, did we say Hillary Clinton? Sorry. He actually wants Trey Gowdy to release emails.

Man, that cocaine is a powerful drug.

If Hillary Clinton has release her private emails, her allies want Republicans to turn over theirs too.

David Brock, who founded several key Democratic groups defending the former secretary of state and all-but-declared presidential candidate, is calling on Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, to release his private emails.

In a letter to Gowdy to be sent Wednesday, shared with msnbc, Brock calls the demand that Clinton turn over a personal email server “Orwellian” and says it has “no basis in law or precedent.” But, he says, if Clinton has turn over her private emails, Gowdy and his staff should have a taste of their own medicine.

“[S]ince you insist that Clinton’s private email be accessed, I’m writing today to ask you and your staff to abide by the same standard you seek to hold the Secretary to by releasing your own work-related and private email and that of your staff to the public,” Brock wrote.

Gowdy may well die of laughter.

It’s highly unlikely that Gowdy will comply with Brock’s request, but Democrats are hoping to muddy the waters and portray Clinton as being unfairly, and held to a different standard than other government officials who use private email accounts.

Laughable. But just watch, some media clowns will actually run with this. These buffoons really think they’re still in the 1990s when they could smear anyone with impunity (see Ken Starr) and not have them fight back. Time have changed, but lowlifes like Clinton and Brock sure haven’t evolved with the times.

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