Man at Clinton Event Declares Desire to Strangle Carly Fiorina, Grandma Laughs Hysterically

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 at 1:48 pm

No video, but we’ll assume the media will be all over this story as Mrs. Clinton is made to defend her callous reaction to this horrific threat of violence. The perpetrator will swiftly be identified and have his life torn to shreds by a media so outraged at this latest salvo in the War on Women. Democrats everywhere will be called on to repudiate this deplorable behavior, obviously.

Ah, who are we kidding? Fiorina’s a Republican, this is SOP.

One minute Democrats are outraged by so-called hate speech when it comes to the babies attending our universities, the next minute they’re yukking it up:

You can imagine what it sounded like.

Don’t hold your breath.

Update: Video via Twitchy. She really does get a good laugh after this slob goes on his Fiorina rant.

The slob is sitting feet away from her, so clearly the Secret Service knows his name and will be glad to provide it to the media, who we’re sure be be all over this story.

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