Long Island Democrat Congresswoman Promotes Aide Who Sent Racist, Sexist Tweets

Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 at 8:54 am
Kathleen Rice

We don’t want to hear another goddamn word about purported racism or sexism from Democrats when their own do things like this.

Long Island Rep. Kathleen Rice has rewarded a campaign worker who came under fire last year for tweeting sexually and racially insensitive comments — giving him a job in her congressional office, The Post has learned.

Rice just hired Zach Tierney as a $47,000-a-year community representative, despite disciplining him last year after The Post ­reported his demeaning comments about blacks, women and ­Dominicans.

“When white tourists watch 4 black people walk by then stop you to ask how to buy a metrocard you’re supposed to tell them it’s $50 right,” he tweeted last March.

Tierney also wrote last April: “#ImInTheFriendZoneBecause I have progressed past public physical abuse of women, but not quite past viewing them as property.”

And in a July tweet, he made fun of Dominicans who predominate in Washington Heights.

“There are more Dominican girls walking over the 145th st bridge right now than there are girls in the Dominican Republic.”

Criticizing a lawmaker of his own party, Nassau County Democratic Party Chairman Jay ­Jacobs condemned Rice for hiring Tierney, 23.

“I’m very surprised. I don’t know if someone who has those views should be working on any public official’s staff,” Jacobs said.

“When you’re a staffer for someone holding public office, you have to have high standards. People look to public officials to set the standard. Those comments are distasteful. I would be surprised if the congresswoman was officially aware of them.”

But Rice defended the hiring of Tierney.

“His tweets, as you’ve already reported, were stupid attempts at sarcasm. He was disciplined and he knows that there’s no place for such insensitive parody. He’s serving the district with distinction and will continue to do so,” said Rice spokesman Coleman Lamb.

Rice’s 4th Congressional District in Nassau County includes the heavily minority neighborhoods of Freeport, Hempstead and Uniondale.

We’re sure she’d be as forgiving of a GOP staffer. Amusingly, this punk’s tweets are protected. According to his bio he’s a “social  justice enthusiast.”


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