Lois Lerner Emails Found on Backup Tapes: “There is potential criminal activity”

Posted by on Feb 27, 2015 at 7:22 am

Potential criminal activity? We surmise there’s a lot more than potential here in Obama’s massive IRS scandal studiously ignored by the media.

The IRS watchdog investigating the disappearance of Lois Lerner’s emails told a congressional panel on Thursday night they are looking into the possibility of criminal activity.

Lerner was the IRS official at the center of allegations that the Internal Revenue Service targeted tea party groups applying for nonprofit status. Congress requested Lerner’s emails from the IRS and agency officials told lawmakers an unknown number of emails had been lost when Lerner’s computer crashed.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has since recovered a number of those emails.

“There is potential criminal activity,” Treasury Deputy Inspector General Timothy Camus told the House Oversight Committee Thursday.

Camus did not elaborate on who may have committed possible criminal acts. And, he cautioned that the investigation is not complete and cautioned against drawing conclusions until all the facts are in.

“What we’re looking at is potential criminal wrongdoing. This has the looks, feel and smells of being criminal. And the IG confirmed tonight that’s what they’re looking into,” House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz told CNN after the hearing.

Chaffetz invited the inspector general to testify in order to provide an update on the investigation.

Camus told the committee that less than two weeks ago, officials discovered an additional 424 backup tapes and are trying to determine what emails, if any, are on them. The tapes are in addition to about 750 backup tapes the inspector general found in July, some of which contained Lerner emails.

The IRS had told Congress that backup tapes no longer existed.

Can you say “cover-up” boys and girls? We know you can. Of course most of the media will completely ignore the story, claiming it’s “old news” or something. Lerner’s emails themselves highlight the obvious:

Nobody except Democrats and their media minions. Oh, by the way, you’ll never guess who got $129,000 in bonuses from the IRS.

No matter how you come out on the underlying issues, it strikes many people as a little bit odd—if not downright bizarre—that Ms. Lois Lerner received $129K in bonuses? That’s right, the former IRS official received $129,300 in bonuses between 2010 and 2013. That is what records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveal. As head of the tax-exempt division at the heart of the IRS targeting scandal, she received a 25 percent retention bonus each year—averaging $43,000 a year—on top of her regular salary.

It seems a little odd that she was collecting them while she presided over alleged discrimination against conservative nonprofits. The IRS scandal broke in May 2013, but goes back to January 2010, when the Supreme Court in Citizens United found it unconstitutional to ban free speech by corporations, unions and other organizations. Shortly thereafter, in August 2010, the IRS distributed a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) list for Tea Party organizations applying for tax exempt status. Extra scrutiny, please.

Can you say hush money?

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One Response to “Lois Lerner Emails Found on Backup Tapes: “There is potential criminal activity””

  1. Harun on 27/27/15 at 12:05 pm

    Who would ever write that email if your hard-drive crashed and then a co-workers?

    No one.

    That email sounds like what someone would write if they did something bad and then wanted to have “evidence” that it wasn’t a conspiracy.

    In fact read the email’s language.

    “No one will ever believe…”

    It would be more natural to write “Who would believe” if it were a hypothetical, with no wrong doing.

    Instead she uses “no one” as if she knows there will be a huge kerfuffle over this, and “will” instead of “would.”

    Maybe she already know she’d be in trouble. In which case, would you write such an email? It would look self-serving…in which case you try to make it sound “gee, wow, life is weird!”