Loafers scraped bottom for these barrel bums

Posted by on Jan 16, 2015 at 7:38 am

This was a terrorist attack — on the working people of Boston, by non-working blow-in drifters, losers and knuckleheads.

A guy I know from my radio show was using his cellphone to record everything in East Milton Square yesterday during the worst of it. A couple of these bums were on the overpass, wearing the green caps they used to wear during Occupy. (What a coincidence!)

The hippies were watching the girls down below blocking traffic coming into the city. Handcuffed to the 50-gallon drums, the gals looked like a pair of beached whales.

My friend says to these two trustafarians on the bridge: “So you’re defending people who stop people from going to work? I got kids, I got a mortgage, I gotta lose work ’cause these bleeps want to cement their arms in a barrel?”

Hey, celebrate diversity. This is a crew that had a banner on the bridge that said, “Stop White Supremacy.” But in their absolutely deranged press release these narcissistic loafers admitted to being a “diverse non-Black group of Pan-Asian, Latinos, and white people, some of whom are queer and transgender.”

I always figured you could be either gay or transgender, but not both. As for this “Pan-Asian” designation — surely these squirrely wannabe folk singers meant to say, “Pot Asian.” Because it’s pretty clear where they’d come down on the weed issue.

This is their hashtag: “#SpoiledLittleSuburbanPajamaBoysLivesMatter.”

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