Liar, liar, Hillary’s pantsuit is on fire

Posted by on Apr 01, 2015 at 7:20 am

Not that we needed any reminding, but the Clinton way is indistinguishable from plain dishonesty. That’s how it was when she and Bubba were in the White House for eight years. And it’s how it was when she lost the Democratic race in 2008 and opted for the State job in President Obama’s Cabinet.

Six years later, she’s back in the political ring again, yet nothing’s changed. She still won’t tell the truth.

From dodging sniper fire to being dead broke, she says what’s most convenient for her in the moment, and lets her flunkies clean up the mess later.

Her word is not her bond. In contrast to the dictum of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, she believes she’s entitled to her own facts as well as her own opinion.

The revelation by the AP that she used at least two electronic devices, neither of them connected to a government ­e-mail account, means she will have to come up a with a new reason why she was entitled to do e-mails her way.

Whatever she comes up with, it won’t wash. It’s obvious that her aim was to avoid having Congress and the White House know what she didn’t want them to know.

She could have put two accounts, one personal, one private, on one device connected to a government server. She didn’t because she wanted to keep everything secret from everybody — and she’s still doing it.

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