Largest NY Times Shareholder Has a Few Yachts Slightly Larger Than Marco Rubio’s Fishing Boat

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 at 2:10 pm

What the New York Times calls a luxury speedboat turned out to be a rather modest fishing boat. So what does the largest shareholder of the New York Times like to tool around in? We thought you’d never ask.

Late November/Early December, 2011 – We returned to La Paz from the nearby anchorages to find ourselves suddenly caught up in the lives of the rich and famous.  Two megayachts were parked at Marina de La Paz: the 140′ Tulley and the 182′ Ostar. Both belong to the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim (his other 200+ foot megayacht is in the Caribbean!).  Excitement filled the air the day Carlos arrived. “Which one is he?” I asked as the entourage appeared.  “The one with the sunglasses.” “But they all have sunglasses!”

A friend of ours is the captain of a neighboring megayacht, and he invited us to his birthday party along with his buddy, the captain of Ostar and his wife (who is also a captain but is currently enjoying the high life on Ostar instead).  Wow.  How often do you get to peak in the door of the world of the ultra rich?  The stories these captains could tell — but can’t due to contracts they’ve signed!  The wine flowed, the food was divine and above it all the music of the mariachi singers soared.

Ah, the hardships of the rich, famous and New York Times investors. We wonder if any of the staff from the Times get to ride along in either of these?


On the upside, we doubt any of Slim’s yachts fit into Grandma Clinton’s pool:

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One Response to “Largest NY Times Shareholder Has a Few Yachts Slightly Larger Than Marco Rubio’s Fishing Boat”

  1. Jenkem Huffington Post on 11/11/15 at 6:53 pm

    Hanoi Heinz Kerry just parked his luxury yacht in New Hampshire to avoid Massachusetts taxes.
    Rules and taxes are for the little people serf scrubs after all and not the anointed ones.