Largest Percentage of Granny Clinton Facebook Supporters are in … Baghdad

Posted by on Apr 14, 2015 at 8:06 am
hilldrinking (mmora v1)

Probably all closet ISIS supporters.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has plenty of fans — in Baghdad.

At least 7 percent of her Facebook fans hail from the Iraqi capital, more than any other city, the news Web site Vocativ reported.

Only 4 percent of Clinton’s fans list New York City as their home address, even though her 2016 presidential campaign headquarters is in Downtown Brooklyn.

Among her Iraqi fans, Clinton has captured the imaginations of the young. Two-thirds of her followers there are age 18 to 34.

In the US, only 8 percent of her female fans and 11 percent of male fans are in that age bracket.

Most Americans who like her Facebook page are older than 55.

Apparently the only people ready for Grandma are foreigners or people ready to collect Social Security.

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