Jihadis Now Sending Letters to Swedes Telling Them to Convert to Islam or Face Beheading

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 at 8:11 am

Was a really great idea of Sweden to allow themselves to be overrun by Islamic “migrants,” huh?  That country will cease to exist pretty soon unless the natives grow some balls and fight back, but it’s probably too late.

Bloodthirsty Daesh Islamists posted notes through the doors of dozens of random neighbours in several cities across Sweden, including the capital Stockholm, threatening to murder “non-believers” in a terrifying campaign of violence.

Sweden is now on lockdown after the chilling letters pledged to behead innocent civilians and then “bomb your rotten corpses afterwards”.

Intelligence officials confirmed they are investigating the horrifying threats – which were signed by “ISIS” – as a state of fear gripped the nation.

The notes, written in Swedish, order people to convert to Islam or pay a religious tax, known as the jizya, warning that the police “will not save you from being murdered”.

They state: “In the name of Allah, the merciful, full of grace. You who are not believers will be decapitated in three days in your own house. We will bomb your rotten corpses afterwards.

“You must choose between these three choices: 1. Convert to Islam. 2. Pay the jizya [religious tax] for protection. 3. Or else, you will be decapitated.

“The police will not prevent or save you from you being murdered. (Death comes to all of you).”

An image of the chilling message was posted on Facebook by one of the recipients.

Swedish police said they were posted through residents’ doors in a number of cities including Ronneby, Sigtuna, Västerås and the capital Stockholm, earlier this week.

Local news outlets reported two Muslim asylum seekers of Iraqi origin – one in Ronneby and one in Vstroes – were amongst the recipients of the cruel letter.

Sigtuna police chief Emile Anderson said officers were unsure whether or not the threats contained in the messages were real, but said they were taking them seriously.

The American left, meanwhile, scratch their pointy heads wondering why normal Americans refuse to be disarmed.

To urban liberals, guns are like cigarettes — products that when used as intended only hurt or kill people, and that are also low-class and crude. The Second Amendment, Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten wrote, is “the refuge of bumpkins and yeehaws who like to think they are protecting their homes against imagined swarthy marauders desperate to steal their flea-bitten sofas from their rotting front porches.”

Such smugness doesn’t help, but the real reason the war on guns has been such an abysmal failure is that guns and cigarettes aren’t alike after all. You can’t hunt or, more importantly, defend yourself or your family with a cigarette. That’s why, in the wake of San Bernardino, millions of Americans didn’t think, “We’ve got to get rid of guns.” They thought, “Maybe I should get one.” I know I did.

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5 Responses to “Jihadis Now Sending Letters to Swedes Telling Them to Convert to Islam or Face Beheading”

  1. styrgwillidar on 16/16/15 at 9:56 am

    Of course gun sales go up after every mass shooting.

    Every mass shooting is a demonstration of gun control can do in accomplishing what it’s proponents claim it will do and what it actually does.

    Their justification is always that it will lower crime, what it actually achieves is rendering the law-abiding defenseless.

  2. sqvppy on 16/16/15 at 10:44 am

    Not that I don’t think these thoughts are held by jihadis in Sweden, but I think there has to be some suspicion that this was done by a non-muslim. It seems a little like the phenomenon on American colleges where leftists send themselves death threats, vandalize etc. to present themselves as victims. Mostly because it doesn’t make sense. Yes they might threaten to kill, behead etc. But I don’t think they would demand the jizya. Although I guess they don’t have to make sense, that just doesn’t make sense to me. Kind of a whacko demand. I mean where would it be paid?

  3. SDN on 16/16/15 at 5:21 pm

    sqvppy, Does it clarify matters when you learn that several Islamic authorities consider Western welfare payments to be jizya, and therefore no Muslim can be denied them?

  4. sqvppy on 16/16/15 at 6:36 pm

    In that context it does clarify it quite a bit. I wasn’t aware of that.

    I think my suspicion was because it seemed to too conveniently illustrate some things, even if they are things that I think are true.

    But in the context of an argument about welfare payments not being paid, complained about, or proposed to not be paid, the demand makes more sense. I don’t mean sense in a rational, justified etc., way, but only in that I can an islamofascist demanding it.

  5. Heidi on 16/16/15 at 9:15 pm

    I don’t know why people are doubting that Muslims posted those notes on people’s doors. I mean, that’s exactly what their goal is, and that was them implementing it.