Jeter pulled out of underwear deal saying briefs were ‘too gay’

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 at 7:57 am

Derek Jeter pulled out of a luxury underwear deal because he didn’t want his skivvies marketed to the “gay community,” according to a report.

The Yankee legend is in a legal slugfest with the underwear brand Frigo, and the company now claims he balked on the agreement because the bawdy briefs were “too gay,” according to TMZ.

“[Jeter] demanded that [Frigo] not market to the gay community and states that he did not want the Frigo brand to be ‘too gay,’ ” TMZ said, quoting court papers filed Monday.

The Swedish line, owned by RevolutionWear, says the company lost $30 million when the former Yankee captain backed out of an arrangement to endorse Frigo and act as a company director.

Jeter’s alleged “gay” misfire was the latest salvo in the raging underwear war.

Earlier court papers alleged that the ex-Yankee shortstop also was concerned that rapper 50 Cent would make a bad brand ambassadorbecause he would make the underwear line look too “urban,” TMZ said.

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