Islamic State threat: Isis plotting to use drones to bomb crowds at major British events

Posted by on Jul 23, 2015 at 8:08 am

Terrorists want to use the unmanned machines – available for as little as £100 on the high street – to drop explosives on large crowds at popular sporting and cultural gatherings.

Defence chiefs fear they could launch a multi-drone attack carrying several bombs, even using airborne cameras to film the bloody carnage below for twisted propaganda videos.

Senior MI5 figures believed that Isis has already tested how much plastic explosive the flying machines can carry, getting as far as experimenting with detonation devices.

A counter-terrorism source said: “Islamist plotters have been trying to launch a drone-borne bomb attack for some time, as these machines are getting more hi-tech every year.

“They want the spectacular devastation of such a raid, which would cause murder and maiming in a crowd, while filming it for a sick video.

“Isis is obsessed with re-creating the horror of 9/11 and believes this may be possible by launching a multi-drone attack on large numbers of people in a synchronised attack.”

Toy drones, which are popular with amateur photographers, are available from mainstream retailers like Amazon and Maplin and cost as little as £100.

Each agile machine could carry enough explosive to kill or maim a person if detonated nearby, and the effects of a fleet of drones dropping bombs on a crowded area would be bloody and devastating.

It is thought that evil Islamist fanatics could be looking to target crowds at open-air music festivals and Premier League football grounds for maximum effect.

Colonel Richard Kemp, who has advised the Government on terrorism, told the Mirror: “There is a genuine threat from Islamists wishing to deliver high explosives by drone to crowded areas. The effects could be devastating.”

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2 Responses to “Islamic State threat: Isis plotting to use drones to bomb crowds at major British events”

  1. Marcus T on 23/23/15 at 10:22 am

    Notice how the British call them “Islamists”, which is what they are, as opposed to the Obama Administration who spends weeks on determining motives and avoiding any mention of who they truly are.

  2. Jonas Arvedson on 23/23/15 at 2:35 pm

    But…love wins and can’t we all just get along?
    Air drop pictures of Dear Leader the Chicago Jesus Messiah and peace will prevail.