ISIS Savages Toss Another Gay Man Off Building

Posted by on Mar 04, 2015 at 7:46 am

Weird how we don’t hear a peep from the crowd who scream “homophobe” at any politician who doesn’t march in lockstep with the gay lobby.

Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have thrown yet another young man to his death from a building after accusing him of being gay.

Stomach-churning photographs show a large bloodthirsty crowd gathered at the foot of a multi-storey building in the group’s de facto capital Raqqa to watch the murder of the young victim.

With the baying crowd clambering on to rooftops to get a better view of the savage scene, the blindfolded man is dragged to the roof of the tallest building in the neighbourhood by bearded militants, who use mobile phones to film him being barbarically thrown to his death.

The images were released by local activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, who work undercover in the ISIS stronghold to expose the terror group’s atrocities.

The photographs carry the distinctive yellow logo of ISIS’ propaganda wing Al Hayat Media Centre, suggesting they come from an as-yet unreleased video of the savage murder.

The photographs shows a huge crowd gathering at the foot of a run-down building in the west of the city, which ISIS captured in early 2014 amid the ongoing chaos of the Syrian Civil War.

So many people are seen in the streets to watch the man being thrown to his death that vehicles are unable to pass along the streets, although it appears the militants have erected metal railings to keep the crowds in line, giving a chilling sense of order to the savagery.

The blindfolded victim – who is understood to be in his 20s – is seen being dragged to the top of the building by three black-masked militants while two armed but undisguised fighters stand at their side using mobile phones to film the gruesome murder.

The next image shows the man plunging to his death, falling face first from behind a white metal railing towards the ground several stories below.

Remember, however, they have nothing to do with Islam or something.

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6 Responses to “ISIS Savages Toss Another Gay Man Off Building”

  1. Steve S. on 4/04/15 at 11:02 am

    In meting out criminal punishments, the beheadings, the cutting off of hands and feet, the floggings, the stonings – all of these “chastisements” are conducted publically, and have been for centuries. Usually on Fridays – their Holy Day.

    How they have come to determine that throwing homosexuals off of buildings fits the Sharia I don’t know, but that it is conducted in front of crowds is just business as usual. In some (most?) of the areas in the region, attendance is required. They will come around to the shops and houses to make sure that you are there to witness the spectacle. It’s one of their deterrents to crime.

  2. Titus Greenwood on 4/04/15 at 3:37 pm

    While these gay dudes is being throwed off of buildings, I gotta ask how come Democrat Socialists in congress like Muslims so much? How is it that Obama and his cronies have throwed in with Muslims and Islam, all the time that Muslim dudes is killing gay dudes, women and old folks? Don’t make sense to me.