IRS Scandal: I was targeted and I’ve got proof it was a Democratically-led conspiracy

Posted by on May 05, 2015 at 12:25 pm

I was audited in 2011, and it started in a way that government officials and IRS spokesmen claimed in a recent Wall Street Journal article can never happen — with a phone call.

The IRS agent left a voicemail, and then took another unheard-of step and called my accountant, who had my power of attorney and told the agent he was forbidden to ever contact me again.

Yet the IRS agent called me again, only minutes later, telling me all about my political views. How did an IRS agent know about my political views? Why was he telling me my political views? I felt like I was being stalked.

So here’s a question for the IRS spokesman and the official for the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (both quoted in the WSJ article saying no IRS audit ever begins with a phone call)… Are you sticking to your story that the IRS never calls taxpayers? Or is the correct wording, “The IRS never calls taxpayers, unless they are critics of the president?”

After spending thousands of dollars, I won in Tax Court in 2012. Five days later, I was targeted to be audited again. To my attorney’s knowledge, this has never happened before.

After winning my case the second time, I contacted government watchdog Judicial Watch, which took my case and requested my tax files under the Freedom of Information Act. By law, the IRS has 30 days to comply. They stalled and refused for 14 months. The question is why would a government agency disobey the law for 13 months?

Now come the political and criminal revelations. The IRS is supposed to be totally nonpolitical, as it must be in a free and fair democratic society. Do you know what my IRS tax file says?

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