Iowa Students Not Ready for Grandma: ‘I Didn’t Know Hillary Clinton was Running’

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Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a news conference at the United Nations in New York

Granny Clinton disastrous opening to her 2016 coronation isn’t quite going as planned. Her mysterious Scooby Van Tour that nobody has seen left her at an Ohio Chipotle Monday where the famously warm people person spoke to nobody. Now as she limps into Iowa, it appears the younger set has no clue she’s running or any desire to see her.

When Hillary Clinton steps off her road-trip van on Tuesday at a rural Iowa community college, she might not be greeted by cheering throngs.

Daily Mail Online spoke to students at Kirkwood Community College’s regional center in Jones County, where the former secretary of state will hold her first low-key campaign event.

The outlook isn’t sunny for the kickoff of her ‘listening tour’: Of the ten students interviewed in the school’s public lounge, only two would speak kindly of Mrs. Clinton.

‘She’s going to push some emotional thing on us,’ predicted student Hallie Corum in between classes. ‘What else is she supposed to do?’

‘She’s going to be, like, talking s**t.’

Corum declined to be photographed, flashing an impish grin.

Corey Jones, a graphic design student, is among those chosen to question Mrs. Clinton in a roundtable setting on Tuesday.

He said his teachers chose him to join a group of ‘from 6 to 8’ students whowill participate because ‘I pay attention to politics,’ something his friends around a table agreed with.

‘I didn’t know Hillary Clinton was running,’ one young woman said. ‘Is she running? Go ask Corey. He’s up on all that stuff.’

Jones said he plans to ask Hillary about illegal immigration.

‘It’s – well, Immigration reform,’ he told Daily Mail Online. ‘You know, Obama’s plan was to make the illegal immigrants legal.’

‘She’s part of all that. And some people think – well, I think maybe – it’s just a tactic to have more Democratic votes.’

Can’t you just feel the groundswell of excitement?

Most students in Monday’s random sample chose not to talk about Mrs. Clinton. All of the will be old enough to vote next year for the first time in their lives.

Three said they didn’t have an opinion about the Democratic front-runner.

One looked up, shook her head, and put a pair of earbuds on.

Two more said they would rather remain silent.

‘You know, it’s that “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” deal,’ a young woman offered from behind her tablet computer.

Moments later a group of young men walked down a hallway mimicking Bill Clinton’s infamous ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’ press conference – and laughing uproariously.

Clinton spokes-hack Lanny Davis, meanwhile, seemed to realize a disaster has unfolded and claimed Sunday’s announcement really wan’t her announce, or something. Even some media realize what a clown show this is.

Adding insult to vacuousness was the demographic box-checking nature of the video, however beautifully filmed. Working mom, check. Hispanic entrepreneur, check. Retiring grandma, check. Gay couple, check. African-American family, check. Hardworking small-businessman, check. South Asian, inter-racial, lesbian, check, check, check. If your demographic was not featured, you should write the campaign and it will probably splice you in.

Clinton has an undeniable challenge. She is the best-known woman in the world and has a seemingly clear path to the Democratic nomination. She wants to avoid alienating voters by appearing entitled and overconfident. If George H.W. Bush’s unintentional slogan for the 1992 campaign was “Message: I care,” Clinton’s is, “Message: I’m humble.”

Got it, and okay, there will be time enough for policy. Indeed, no politician does policy more seriously, with more detailed attention to the briefing books and seminars with the experts, than Hillary Clinton. This combination of intelligence and drive is actually a good reason to elect her president. Not that you would know it from this launch.

Guess Ruth Marcus won’t be invited to any secret dinners.

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  1. sound awake on 15/15/15 at 9:04 am

    if you LIE about being named after sir edmund hillary (she was born in ought-47’…he climbed everest in ought-53′) you will LIE about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING