Infirmed Grandmother Invokes Wheelchair-Bound Man to Help Restart Stumbling Campaign

Posted by on Jun 02, 2015 at 6:56 am

Guess that listening tour isn’t working out as planned, huh? So what’s a failing campaign to do? Why, hold an event at the least accessible place in New York City, of course.

Hillary Clinton plans to wrap herself in FDR’s New Deal — and New York luster — when she makes her presidential announcement in the city June 13.

The New Deal may be one of the few things older than Granny Clinton.

She’ll make her long-awaited official announcement in the Four Freedoms park on Roosevelt Island, a site that offers panoramic views of the East River and that will evoke her party’s progressive past at a time when she’s getting dinged by liberal challengers.

Clinton was born outside Chicago and lived in Arkansas before moving to New York to win a Senate seat that she held for eight years.

She’s kept a multimillion-dollar home in DC while also living in Chappaqua, which is also home to her infamous private email server, and her new campaign office is in Brooklyn Heights.

But it’s New York she’ll try to sell as part of her narrative as she discourses on battling “freedom from want” and “freedom from fear,” as evoked by FDR.

What America needs now is freedom from Hillary.

Another of the freedoms was “freedom to worship,” though some observant Jews won’t be able to attend the festivities, which will be held on their Sabbath.


Reporters can test Clinton’s commitment to “freedom of speech” on a four-state tour of early primary states after her speech. Her campaign has taken hits for avoiding reporters’ questions and holding staged events in private homes.

Don’t bank on it. Meanwhile, reporters are grousing over the lack of access to her campaign, yet they still swoon at the mere sight of her.

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