Impossible to Parody: Mizzou Team Store Not Selling MU “Whiteout” Shirts for BYU Game

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 at 1:57 pm

They must have just realized they’re scheduled to wear white for tomorrow’s game. So of course it’s problematic.

The Mizzou Team Store was not selling Mizzou Tigers “whiteout” shirts for the upcoming game against BYU at its store or on its website Wednesday.

The shirts were listed on the store’s website as the official 2015 whiteout shirt for Saturday’s game against the BYU Cougars the weekend prior to the game. The attached picture is a screen shot of the shirt listed on the store’s website for sale still on November 7th. On Wednesday the link to find that shirt on the store’s website no longer worked.

ABC 17 News talked to a store worker Wednesday afternoon who said the store was not selling the shirt but wouldn’t elaborate on why.

The move comes after the shirt became the topic of controversy after several black MU football players said they would not participate in any football activities until an MU graduate student on a hunger strike ate again. On Monday that student ended his hunger strike and MU football players resumed football activities.

ABC 17 News has contacted University of Missouri Associate Athletic Director Chad Moller about whether the game will still be themed a “whiteout.”

We surmise Moller’s busy figuring out an escape plan.

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