Hot Blue-on-Blue Action: Cuomo Recruiting Candidates to Unseat de Blasio

Posted by on Sep 21, 2015 at 8:13 am

If they were Republicasn the media would be giddily declaring it a civil war. But since they’re liberal Democrats it’ll be ignored outside of New York.

Gov. Cuomo, who, according to a recent poll, is winning his bitter feud with Mayor de Blasio, is upping the ante by becoming personally involved in recruiting potential candidates to oust the mayor — and he apparently doesn’t mind people knowing it, The Post has learned.

Cuomo has assigned state Democratic Committee Executive Director Basil Smikle Jr., a Harlem resident with strong ties to African-American politicians, to help lead the effort.

Smikle has already held preliminary talks with several possible challengers, including Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn and city Comptroller Scott Stringer, an influential Democratic insider who knows Cuomo and de Blasio told The Post.

“It’s my view based on what I see going on that not only does Cuomo want de Blasio to lose in 2017, he wants people to know that he’ll be having something to do with it,’’ the insider, who demanded anonymity, told The Post.

“There are all sorts of people out there preparing to run against de Blasio, but the governor is trying to make sure that you don’t wind up with five of them, splitting the [anti-de Blasio] vote.

“That’s why he has Smikle out there talking to people, trying to find the right candidate. It’s ongoing,’’ the activist continued.

The Cuomo-de Blasio feud has been in the open for months, and the governor has long been suspected of being involved in early efforts to recruit an opponent to the mayor.

But not until now has a Democratic Party insider disclosed that Cuomo is actively involved in such an effort and that he has assigned one of his top political lieutenants to help lead it.

The disclosure comes just days after a Quinnipiac University poll found that nearly 60 percent of voters statewide believe Cuomo and de Blasio are locked in a political feud — with 78 percent saying the feud is harming the people of the state.

The two of them could care less. Both actually have delusions of playing on the national stage but clearly they’re too young for the Party of Old White People.

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One Response to “Hot Blue-on-Blue Action: Cuomo Recruiting Candidates to Unseat de Blasio”

  1. looking closely on 21/21/15 at 10:47 am

    >>Both actually have delusions of playing on the national stage

    Gov Cuomo might ask his dad (ie former Gov Cuomo) how well the national stage treated him.

    In a sane world, being a partisan NY Democrat, Cuomo probably couldn’t ever get elected to anything at a Federal level.

    But that probably wouldn’t stop him from riding into the White House as a Democrat VP candidate (eg like A. Gore), or (perhaps worse) being appointed to some important position (like H. Clinton or J. Kerry).