Hitler So Fashionable in Gaza

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The Islamist love affair with Adolf Hitler continues. And don’t forget, the left’s love affair with Islamists is on the rise.

Fashion is a business that must keep its ear close to the ground, to identify trends and capitalize on public whims. Which is why you can’t really blame the owners of a clothing store in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip for posting mannequins in black balaclavas (the bank robber’s ski mask) and black-and-white checked keffiyehs over their faces. waving Palestinian flags in one hand and a knife in the other. The hat tip for discovering this new gem goes to Facebook user Mohammed Asad who took the first shot of the inspired display on Nov. 1, and to Israel Radio’s Arab affairs correspondent Gal Berger who ran with the story.

Here’s a better look. We should give them a state and just hope they turn out peaceful, right?


Meanwhile, Hitler was recently put down in Syria.

According to several Arab sources, last Sunday, Hezbollah commander Hitler Yusuf Bero, 47, died from three bullets that were shot through his chest by a 23-year-old assassin in Lebanon. Other sources suggest the killing took place in Syria.

The background to the killing was blood revenge between different clans in the Bekaa Valley. Hitler Yusuf’s description in one account reveals that he was an experienced warrior, well familiar with the local terrain and a good military tactician.

Apparently, the late Hitler was involved in the accidental (or intentional, there are sources claiming either) killing of some children from a rival clan, three years ago. The killer’s clan and the injured one have spent the past three years negotiating a peace, but in the end Hitler was unwilling or unable to pay up.

The late Hitler was a close associate of Imad Mughniyah, a senior member of Lebanon’s Islamic Jihad Organization and Hezbollah, who returned to the merciful Allah in a car bomb blast in the Damascus, Syria, back in 2008. Hitler fought in the 2006 Second Lebanon War against Israel, and with the Hezbollah forces in Syria.

According t0 Palestine Media Watch, there are also Palestinians whose first name is Hitler: Hitler Salah, Hitler Abu-Alrab, and Hitler Mahmud Abu-Libda.

Islamists are modern day Hitlers, just as Hitler wished he was an Islamist.

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