Hillary dusts off old ‘right-wing conspiracy’ nugget to counter book

Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 at 7:41 am

The “vast right-wing conspiracy” is back.

That was the phrase Hillary Clinton herself used to describe the villainous puppet masters behind theMonica Lewinsky scandal back in 1998. And now, her camp has decided to reanimate this ludicrous bogeyman from the days when pets.com was the talk of Wall Street to combat new allegations of Clintonian malfeasance — allegations the substance of which she and we don’t even yet know.

The material dug up by the conservative writer Peter Schweizer for his new book, “Clinton Cash,” is credible enough to have led several news organizations not normally friendly to the right (The New York Times andThe Washington Post) to strike deals with Schweizer and his publisher to share and independently substantiate some of its charges.

This a novel arrangement — and the imprimatur of news organizations that liberals like — has clearly frightened the Clintonians in a way past negative books did not.

That explains Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon’s three-page memo seeking to discredit the book before the fact. According to Politico, which obtained a copy, the memo says, “The book was backed by a Koch Brothers-linked organization and a billionaire family that is bankrolling Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign.”

This is a sleazy way to say ­Schweizer runs a group called the Government Accountability Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to exposing corruption. Like all nonprofits, it has donors. Among them are the Mercer family of Long Island, one of whose members threw a cocktail party for Ted Cruz.

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