Heartbreaking: ‘Shell-shocked’ CNBC Staffers had Long Flight Home

Posted by on Oct 30, 2015 at 8:44 am

Do these clowns think anyone is going to feel sorry for them? This is some hilarious stuff.

People were exhausted, but also rattled and worried.

“We were shell-shocked,” one source said.

The poor reviews were piling up — declaring CNBC the biggest loser of the night — and the moderators Carl Quintanilla and Becky Quick knew more would be published by the time the flight landed in New York.

So for some flyers, it was a sleepless night. But there was some laughter and some liquor to lighten the mood — and some speculation about how high the ratings would be.

At 12:30 p.m. Thursday they found out: 14 million people watched, easily making the much-derided debate the most-watched program in CNBC’s 30-year history. Because advertisers paid $250,000 apiece, it was “also the most profitable night in the network’s history,” an NBCUniversal executive crowed.

There was simultaneous crowing and cringing on Thursday. Employees who spoke on condition of anonymity for this story wished for a “do-over” and pointed fingers of blame for the chaotic production. Some pointed all the way up to CNBC president Mark Hoffman, who was also aboard Wednesday night’s charter.

“Everyone feels pretty embarrassed,” one veteran staffer said.

You should be. But will they learn a lesson? Hell no.

As the day went on, there was less and less talk about the debate on CNBC. According to one of the employees, producers were given internal guidance to move on.

At CNBC’s sister news outlets MSNBC and NBC News, producers were advised not to “pile on” the moderator controversy, according to people there.

Just a reminder: Most Americans despise the media. Even more after Wednesday night. But keep holding a giant pity party.


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