Guy Who Told Conservatives to Leave New York Eager to Import Syrian ‘Refugees’

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 at 7:52 am

Weird how someone who told law-abiding citizens to get out of his state is in such a hurry to bring in mysterious “refugees” who nobody can even identify. He seems to have a short memory.

Gov. Cuomo has a message for conservative Republicans — you don’t belong in New York.

Cuomo said Friday that members of the GOP with “extreme” views are creating an identity crisis for their party and represent a bigger worry than Democrats such as himself.
“Their problem isn’t me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves,” the governor said on Albany’s The Capitol Pressroom radio show.

“Who are they? Right to life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay — if that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

But he sure is clamoring to bring in potential terrorists.

Rejecting Syrian refugees would be akin to “conceding defeat of the American dream,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday in a sharply worded response to those urging him to keep the refugees out of the state.

Speaking at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, the Democratic governor said efforts to reduce the threat of terrorism must be balanced with America’s standing as a beacon for liberty and tolerance. He said the federal government has vowed to screen the refugees for links to terrorism.

“We have to protect Americans and not lose our soul as America in the process, right? The day America says, ‘Close the gates, build the wall,’ then I say take down the Statue of Liberty because you’ve gone to a different place,” he said. “I won’t let them win by conceding defeat of the American Dream.”

But if you’re a conservative, get out!

Several governors have said they won’t allow Syrian refugees into their states following the coordinated attacks in Paris. In New York, Republican U.S. Rep. Chris Collins and at two Republican state lawmakers cited the threat of terrorism when they called on Cuomo to reject additional refugees from the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.

Several governors? Last we checked it was about 30 of them.

“Our hearts break for the true refugees who are fleeing the same terror we are trying to prevent,” said state Sen. Jack Martins, R-Long Island. “But without appropriate safeguards to keep terrorists from infiltrating our borders and endangering our communities, we must not proceed.”

Maybe we should have common-sense screening, a seven-day waiting period and background checks before giving them the green light.

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One Response to “Guy Who Told Conservatives to Leave New York Eager to Import Syrian ‘Refugees’”

  1. Mike Giles on 18/18/15 at 4:39 pm

    With any luck, when those jihadists they’re inviting in finally strike, they’ll decide that common run of the mill infidels won’t make a big enough splash; and go for the governor of NY and perhaps the mayor of NYC. Of course you know they’ll have armed body guards standing shoulder to shoulder around them.