Great Job, Guys: Gun Used By Illegal Alien to Kill Woman in SF Was Stolen From Federal Agent

Posted by on Jul 08, 2015 at 7:07 am

Hey, maybe we can have that national conversation about illegal aliens murdering Americans now.

The gun used to kill a 32-year-old woman on San Francisco’s waterfront was stolen from a federal agent in a car burglary in June, sources close to the investigation said Tuesday.

The .40-caliber pistol was stolen from the agent not long before Kathryn Steinle was shot to death July 1 at Pier 14 on the Embarcadero, said one source, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about the case publicly.

Other sources said the weapon was apparently not the agent’s official gun. It was reported stolen in an auto burglary in the downtown area, they said.

Supposedly this murder has “roiled” the immigration debate. Weird, that so-called debate has been rather one-sided, with Democrats calling for open borders and Repuiblicans being called racist.

Top lawmakers in both parties claim the tragic incident bolsters their divergent approaches to immigration reform — one of the thorniest issues in Washington.

Republicans have pounced, accusing the Obama administration of a failure to enforce deportation policies and other immigration laws.

They’ve scheduled hearings and highlighted legislation designed to discourage sanctuary statutes, which prevent local authorities from assisting federal immigration efforts.

Democrats have countered that criminal offenders would be easier to deport if Congress would pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill — legislation opposed by House Republicans.

At the same time, several Democrats on Tuesday sought to distance themselves from San Francisco’s sanctuary law.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) issued a statement calling on California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) to investigate whether state law was followed and whether it needs to be strengthened to ensure a similar incident doesn’t happen.

“For decades, I have supported deporting violent criminals, and I have always believed that sanctuary should not be given to felons,” she said.

This is what’s known as ass-covering time.

Hillary Clinton also weighed in, saying that San Francisco made a mistake in “not deporting someone the federal government” wanted to deport.

Weird, but nobody has asked her about the previously-deported illegal alien who committed a murder recently near her Chappaqua home.

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2 Responses to “Great Job, Guys: Gun Used By Illegal Alien to Kill Woman in SF Was Stolen From Federal Agent”

  1. mike191 on 8/08/15 at 10:56 am

    How many Americans will be killed and/or maimed by these invaders so the Democrats can have absolute control of Federal and State elections?

    Perhaps all Democrats who support open borders should be required to have some of these invaders stay at their residence for a year or longer.