Granny Clinton Pal Blumenthal Blamed Benghazi on ‘Sacrilegious Internet Video on the Prophet Mohammed’

Posted by on May 21, 2015 at 9:06 am
Hillary Rodham Clinton

So we now know where she got her talking points. Thanks, Sid!

A close friend of Hillary Clinton sent her a memo initially blaming the 2012 Benghazi attacks on an anti-Islamic video before walking that assertion back one day later, according to a batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails released by The New York Times. 

Clinton received about 25 memos on Libya from Sidney Blumenthal, a former Clinton aide who had business dealings with the country’s transitional government. She forwarded some of those emails to her senior staff, in some cases asking them to act on the findings, without identifying him as the source.

One exchange between Clinton aide Jake Sullivan and Ambassador Chris Stevens, who later died in the Benghazi attack, referred to Blumenthal only as “HRC friend.”

Blumenthal initially sent Clinton an email one day after the 2012 attacks that blamed them on “demonstrators…inspired by what many devout Libyans viewed as a sacrilegious internet video on the prophet Mohammed.” Clinton forwarded that email to Sullivan, her top foreign policy aide, calling it “more info.”

He sent a new memo the next day that told the secretary that “sensitive sources” believed it was actually a terrorist attack.

Yet days later she came out and perpetuated the lie about the video, as did Obama two weeks later at the UN:

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2 Responses to “Granny Clinton Pal Blumenthal Blamed Benghazi on ‘Sacrilegious Internet Video on the Prophet Mohammed’”

  1. Eberhard Pfaffner on 21/21/15 at 1:37 pm

    “She’s a bad mamma jamma.”

    (LOFO scrunt at Iowa Dem circle jerk where no one could name one accomplishment for Comradette Pantsuit as Sec-of-State)

  2. Skid Marx on 25/25/15 at 11:51 am

    I know that 4000 page views video made with a free app on a laptop was the terrible awfulness!
    The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet is what Dear Leader Messiah the Chicago Jesus said.