Granny Clinton Mulling Anti-Vaccination Hotbed as 2016 Campaign HQ

Posted by on Feb 03, 2015 at 8:48 am
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Since Grandma has flip-flopped and now come out as pro-vaccination, she might want to consider the health of her minions before settling on Brooklyn  to run her 2016 campaign out of.

Hillary Clinton is focused on housing her 2016 campaign headquarters in New York City — potentially in Brooklyn, which has emerged as a leading contender.

Insiders say Clinton aides are looking at Brooklyn as a possible location, and that an office in White Plains, near the Clintons’s Chappaqua, N.Y., home, has been all but ruled out.

We suppose Arkansas isn’t under consideration.

For months, some in the Clinton universe thought that setting up the campaign in or around White Plains, a middle-class enclave with dozens of office parks, would be a good home for the former secretary of State’s second presidential campaign.

But using Brooklyn for its headquarters could be a useful symbol for a campaign that hopes to win over young people and has already been attacked by Republicans as “old news.”

The rapidly-aging Clinton might want to avoid the phrase “old news.” Meanwhile, we hope her campaign aides get their shots since Brooklyn is plagued by anti-science types.

In many cases, anti-vaccine parents favor certain schools. Like some of their West Coast cousins, New York’s Waldorf schools — founded on the philosophy of Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner, who believed vaccines “drive all inclination toward spirituality out of people’s souls” — lag on immunization rates. According to the Department of Health data, only 74.7 percent of the students at the Upper East Side’s Rudolf Steiner School, the nation’s first Waldorf school, were fully vaccinated last year. At Brooklyn Waldorf in Clinton Hill, the figure was 60.1 percent.

So 39.1% of the kids aren’t vaccinated? Seems like a great place for an outbreak.

Among the other schools showing a low vaccination rate was Brooklyn Free, a Summerhill school started by Park Slope Food Co-op members who first suggested the idea in the co-op’s newsletter, the Linewaiters’ Gazette. It clocked in at 63.3 percent. Its Manhattan sister school, located in East Harlem, is even lower: 36.4 percent. Manhattan Free said that it is audited and in compliance with the law. “We are a small alternative school (less than 15 students) — a very small sample size for such a statistic to mean much,” it said in an email.

Weird how liberal enclaves are so anti-science.

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