France’s president has always been far tougher than Obama

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 at 11:13 am

Remember when Secretary of State John Kerry was accused of being “too French” to become our president? If only.

Under its Socialist president, Francois Hollande, the country we used to say was populated by “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” is showing resolve, maturity and global leadership — just what wars require.

And, no, it didn’t start this weekend, when Hollande declared, in the immediate aftermath of the horrific massacre of 129 Parisians, that “France is at war.” French planes then bombed ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, with the kind of ferocity the jihadis haven’t experienced in months — during that whole period that President Obama declared them “contained.”

And while France is escalating its war in Syria, Kerry just announced that a cease-fire there is mere “weeks away.”


Kerry, apparently, is encouraged by talks in Vienna over the weekend among various active players in Syria. But the Saudis, Turks and Qataris are unhappy with the UN-led diplomacy that Kerry apparently trusts. Iran isn’t quite on board, either. And, alas, no one thinks ISIS will be a party to the Vienna process. But hey, who cares?

Diplomats are so optimistic that they’re already planning for UN “monitors” — foreigners who’ll oversee that “cease-fire” Kerry & Co. believe is just around the corner.

Nothing new here. The gap between America and France has been evident for some time — long before the most recent Paris attack.

When Islamists threatened to take over the capital of Mali, a former French colony, Hollande sent troops to push them back. When another former colony, the Central African Republic, descended into chaos, French troops were there to enforce uneasy order.

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