France Wanted Tougher Concessions from Iran Before President Selfie’s Unconditional Surrender

Posted by on Apr 03, 2015 at 8:02 am

Yes, the people formerly know as Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys now have a stiffer spine the this once great country.


U.S. negotiators repeatedly shifted their goals during talks over Iran’s nuclear program in response to intransigence from Tehran’s representatives, according to a published report. Meanwhile, France’s top diplomat urged caution Friday about the possibility of a final deal being agreed to and admitted that his country had initially held out for firmer terms.

Diplomats representing the so-called P5+1 powers and Iran announced that they had a framework of an agreement Thursday after marathon talks in Switzerland that stretched two days past their original deadline.

The plan, containing dozens of provisions, would effectively require Iran to wind down or suspend parts of its nuclear program that could be used for nuclear weapon development in exchange for sweeping sanctions relief. The preliminary agreement allows all sides — the U.S., Iran and five other world powers — to continue working toward a final deal by a June 30 deadline.

However, not all of the Western powers appeared completely pleased with the agreement. On Friday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told Europe 1 radio that France had rejected an original of the deal outline as “not solid enough”, and had held out for firmer conditions. However, Fabius told the radio station that the Iranian delegation had responded by threatening to walk out of the talks.

The French delegation was considered by observers to be one of the hardest bargainers of the P5+1 countries, a group which also included the U.S., Britain, Germany, Russia and China. Fabius told Europe 1 that France wants a firm deal “to prevent other countries in the Gulf such as Saudi Arabia from embarking on nuclear proliferation.”

Meanwhile, after his defeat of America, Obama says he’d like to go visit Iran before his presidency is (thankfully) over.

He’s welcome to stay there.

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