For Some Reason, Man Named Phuc Dat Bich Having Problems Staying on Facebook

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 at 7:47 am

He shouldn’t feel bad. We once knew someone named Fat Ho.

The parents of a Vietnamese-Australian man may have had a lack of foresight when they named him ‘Phuc Dat Bich.’

The 23-year-old Melbourne cleaner has posted an image of his passport on Facebook with an accompanying message venting his frustration after the social media giant terminated his account three times on the grounds it was ‘false and misleading.’

The post has amassed tens of thousands of shares and hilarious comments, with scores of social media users suggesting he should embrace the unique translation of his name.

‘I find it highly irritating the fact that nobody seems to believe me when I say that my full legal name is how you see it,’ the post reads.

‘I’ve been accused of using a false and misleading name of which I find very offensive. Is it because I’m Asian? Is it?’

‘Having my fb shut down multiple times and forced to change my name to my “real” name, so just to put it out there. My name.’

‘Yours sincerely,’

‘Phuc Dat Bich’

The name, which is pronounced ‘Phoop Dook Bic,’ is reportedly a common in Vietnam, despite the spectacular response it has received in Australia.

He could just say “phuc it” and find an alternative to Facebook.

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