Flowers for Hillary, as email questions roll on

Posted by on Sep 09, 2015 at 10:37 am
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts as she listens to a question from the audience during a campaign event at Uncle Nancy's Coffee in Newton, Iowa, September 6, 2015. REUTERS/Scott Morgan

But watching Hillary play dumb isn’t compelling. It is depressing and pathetic, because it’s an act.

She is no mouse or simpleton. She’s acutely self-aware, and certainly she must see this happening to her, too, and there’s nothing she can do about it either.

It was all supposed to be quite different.

She was Madam Ruthless, tempered by the crucible of Bill Clinton, his promise and his wicked appetites and his bimbo eruptions.

She told us she wasn’t about to endure all that pain just to play Tammy Wynette and stand by her man, though that’s exactly what she did. And still, she was a serious woman of accomplishment in the dangerous craft of politics and intrigue.

And if we put her in a room alone to have a quiet tea with Vladimir Putin, this is what America was led to expect:

That she’d emerge with a butter-knife and half his heart in her hand, wrapped neatly in a linen napkin. The other half would have been served on white bread — buttered, rolled in chives, not a drop of blood upon her lips.

What frightened many of the Hillary haters wasn’t her irritating, cackling laugh, or her eagerness to use Southern accents.

Nor was it those ridiculous stories she’d tell about the “vast right-wing conspiracies” that put turtles on the tops of fence posts. I just loved her turtles-on-fence-posts bit. Yes, that was an act, too, but well done, devilish, with just the hint of Arkansas sass from that mouth from Park Ridge and Yale Law School.

And what frightened the Hillary haters wasn’t even that Bill would lurk about in her White House as First Laddie, like some oafish country squire in a Fielding novel, jumping the milk-maids.

It wasn’t even her profound ability to lie.

What bothered her opponents was her intelligence.

That’s what allowed her to lie so well and get away with it, with just the hint of a smirk so that her legions would know there was nothing her enemies could do about it.

That was Hillary Indomitable, the Hillary that would roll to the Democratic presidential nomination without a pause.
But now Biden, crazy as he is, flirts with a run, and Democrats, panicked as they are, seek his protection as Hillary plummets in the polls.

And what’s next for Hillary, now playing dumb?

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