Five Clifton, NJ Fifth-Graders Arrested After Planning to Explode Device at Local High School

Posted by on Dec 03, 2015 at 7:39 am

Remember all the finger-wagging after people were suspicious about Clock Boy down in Texas? That punk was 14, yet we were told he posed no danger.

These kids are 10 and 11. Somehow the GOP and NRA will be held responsible for this.

Five grade-school students were detained Wednesday after school officials uncovered their plan to damage the city’s high school, police said.

The students, all fifth-graders, brought a nonexplosive device to School 11 and were going to use it during a field trip to Clifton High School, Detective Sgt. Robert Bracken said.

“It was not a prank,” Bracken said. “They had a legitimate plan.”

School 11 officials learned of the plan and called police, who later discovered written plans for an attack.

Police also said someone else may have helped the students come up with the plan, according to News 12.

The students were detained by police and later released into the custody of their parents, Bracken said. It’s not yet clear what charges these students will face as the prosecutor’s office will be reviewing the matter, he said.

We’re just sure they’re a bunch of Christian fundamentalists.


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