“Finding out that Hillary perpetuates the exploitation known as unpaid internships was like discovering that Santa wasn’t real”

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 at 8:39 am
epa04459892 Former US Secretary of State and Senator from New York  Hillary Clinton attends a campaign rally for  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and running mate Kathy Hochul  in New York, New York, USA, 23 October 2014. The US will be holding midterm election on 04 November 2014.  EPA/ANDREW GOMBERT

Poor little flowers. It’s always so disappointing to find out your heroes are frauds.

A former Hillary Clinton campaign fellow is accusing the Democratic frontrunner of hypocrisy for relying on unpaid interns and fellows while publicly calling to for increased wages.

Carolyn Osorio writes in a new USA Todayopinion piece that she joined the campaign as a fellow after Clinton announced her bid in April, adding that she had to move to Nevada and work there for free.

“I had hoped a trailblazer would be more willing to break the mold of indentured servitude that haunts my generation,” she writes.

“Finding out that Hillary perpetuates the exploitation known as unpaid internships was like discovering that Santa wasn’t real.”

The Clinton campaign has flaunted its penny-pinching ways, letting a Washington Post journalistaccompany campaign chairman John Podesta on a bus trip between New York and Washington.

But Osorio was surprised to see the “cheapness” extend to its staff.

“For a woman I supported to demand this of me felt repulsive. Forget arguments about raising the minimum wage,” she writes.

“I can’t even get a wage. What exactly are Hillary Clinton’s priorities and how do I change them?”

Her priority, in case you’re not aware, is sucking up as much money as she can and not forking over a dime for anything. It’s called liberal greed. Get used to it, honey. But no, she’s still incredibly stupid:

Osorio calls on Clinton to “question your role in this exploitative system,” but reaffirms her support for Clinton as the best chance to buck the cycle.

“It might make me sound like a Stockholm syndrome victim, but after all of this, Hillary is still the best chance we have. If there is to be a better world for my future children, she’s the only hope,” she writes.

“Hillary will get my free vote even if she will never have my free help.”

The best chance we have if the ruination of America is your thing.

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2 Responses to ““Finding out that Hillary perpetuates the exploitation known as unpaid internships was like discovering that Santa wasn’t real””

  1. Trotsky's Icepick on 24/24/15 at 3:23 pm

    Getting paid for work is a capitalist pig construct of the white male power structure. These serfs should be glad to be in the same area as the great Arkansas carpetbagger, they should be thankful to bask in her radiance and if they are lucky maybe a crumb will fall from the official people’s champion table

  2. Tony Vaselino on 27/27/15 at 2:14 pm

    Hillary Clinton and her driver were cruising home along a country road one evening when an ancient cow loomed in front of the car. The driver tried to avoid it but couldn’t. The aged bovine was struck and killed.
    Hillary told her driver to go up to the farmhouse and explain to the owners what had happened and pay them for the cow. She stayed in the car making phone calls.

    About an hour later the driver staggered back to the car with his clothes in disarray. He was holding a half-empty bottle of expensive wine in one hand, a huge Cuban cigar in the other, and was smiling happily, smeared with lipstick.

    “What happened to you,” asked Hillary?

    “Well,” the driver replied, “the farmer gave me the cigar, his
    wife gave me the wine, and their beautiful twin daughters made passionate love to me.”
    “What did you tell them?” asked Hillary. the driver replied, “I
    just stepped inside the door and said, ‘I’m Hillary Clinton’s driver and I’ve just killed the old cow.’ The rest happened so fast I couldn’t stop it!