Fake Black Woman on Being Exposed: ‘I don’t give two sh-ts what you guys think’

Posted by on Jun 14, 2015 at 10:02 am

Well, now, isn’t that a good attitude to have after being exposed as a fake black woman, She’ll go far with this approach.

Dolezal addressed the growing scandal directly for the first time yesterday, after initially dodging questions about her ethnicity and walking out of an interview.

She told reporters: ‘I don’t give two shi*s what you guys think. You are so far done, and out, of my life’

When pressed further about her race, she told KREM: ‘I actually don’t like the term African-American. I prefer black, and I would say that if I was asked I would definitely say that yes I do consider myself to be black.’

As for the outcry over her race, Dolezal said she ‘can understand’ why some people believe that she misrepresented herself.

She the reiterated earlier statements she had made in which she stressed her need to speak with her NAACP board and the black community about this situation before the public.

‘It’s more important for me to clarify that with the black community and with my executive board than it really is to explain it to a community that, quite frankly, don’t really understand the definitions of race and ethnicity,’ she explained.

She also urged her critics to ‘maybe think about W.E.B Du Bois that said race is usually biological, always cultural.’

As for her appearance Friday, she kept a low profile as she left her home, attired in shorts and a tee shirt as she carried a book to her car.

Meanwhile, an MSNBC clown wondered if she might actually be black. Yes, really.

If you’ve been following the Rachel Dolezal storyonline, you may have seen the word “transracial” being thrown around and people saying choosing to be black is like Caitlyn Jenner choosing to be female. It’s unclear how much of it’s sincere and how much is just straight-up trolling, but MSNBC’sMelissa Harris-Perry entertained the notion on her show today with kind of a huge question.

“Is it possible that she might actually be black?”

While not wanting to make the transgender comparison, Harris-Perry questioned whether one can be “cisblack and transblack,” and whether there’s a way to describe “the achievement of blackness despite one’s parentage.”

Alyson Hobbs, who literally wrote the book on “racial passing,” said there’s “certainly a chance that she identifies as a black woman and there could be authenticity to that.”

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  1. Navin R. Johnson on 14/14/15 at 10:30 am

    I was born a poor black child and escaped the grotto with my Opti-Grab sunglasses.