Escaped killer tells all, throws Shaw-skank under the bus

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 at 8:40 am

Captured killer David Sweat gave cops a blow-by-blow of his escape and time on the run with fellow fugitive Richard Matt — revealing that their original plan was to flee to Mexico with the help of Shaw-skank prison worker Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell.

Sweat claimed the lovestruck sewing-shop supervisor, who is charged with smuggling tools to the convicted killers, was the only other person who knew of their elaborate breakout plan, sources said on Monday.

Sweat — who a source said was “spilling his guts” to investigators — said he and Matt planned to drive to Mexico in Mitchell’s car following their June 6 escape.

He said Matt, who had the words “Mexico Forever” tattooed on his back, came up with the idea of heading south of the border, boasting of connections he made while serving time for a fatal stabbing there, sources said.

“They would kill Mitchell’s husband and then get in the car and drive to Mexico on the theory that Mitchell was in love with one or both of them,” Gov. Cuomo said.

“Then they would go live happily ever after — which is a fairy tale that I wasn’t read as a child, but we will believe what we want to believe.”

When Mitchell got cold feet and failed to show up, however, the escapees had to improvise and decided to head to Canada.

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