Dopey Obama Organizer Snaps Selfies at Scene of Deadly Manhattan Explosion: ‘Disgraceful. Unprofessional’

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Years from now humans will look back in horror at the Age of Obama and selfie sticks. These people have absolutely no self control or self respect.

A former Democratic Party PR chief who sparked fury by posing for a selfie at the scene of the East Village gas explosion has made a grovelling apology.

Christina Freundlich posted a picture of herself on Instagram smiling and showing a peace sign at the site of last Thursday’s blast which killed two men, injured 25 people and set four buildings ablaze.

Freundlich who only stepped down from her job as the Iowa Democrat’s communications director on March 6, took down the photo after fellow Instagram users branded it ‘dumb’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘horrible’.

One social media user said: ‘Disgraceful. Unprofessional. No place for a selfie in face of disaster.’

Freundlich told the Des Moines Register: ‘I am deeply sorry for my careless and distasteful post.

‘It was inconsiderate to those hurt in the crash and to the city of New York. What happened last week in the East Village is not to be taken lightly and I regret my course of action.’

The folks in Iowa quickly tossed her under the bus:

Ben Foecke, Executive Director of the Iowa Democratic Party, told the Daily Mail Online: ‘Christina Freundlich left employment with the Iowa Democratic Party over thee weeks ago. March 6th was her last day on payroll. 

‘Her actions since then are completely outside our control and oversight.’

Freundlich reportedly resigned to ‘seek opportunities elsewhere.’

She was also a field organizer for Barack Obama’s Florida Campaign for Change in 2008.

Freundlich was one of three people singled out on social media after posting insensitive selfies at the scene of the disaster.

Professional photographer Jon Gurinsky posted a picture on twitter of a group of women standing in front of emergency vehicles as one help up a selfie stick to take a group shot.

The photograph was posted to the Twitter accountEventsPhotosNYC and drew a barrage of criticism.

One commenter said: ‘Everything that’s wrong with NYC summed up in one photo.’

Group photo, yo!

This pretty much sums it up:

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  1. ubik on 30/30/15 at 10:39 pm

    If there were truth in advertising, selfie sticks would be Loser Without a Friend to Take a Picture Stix!