Don’t pretend Paris terror attack has nothing to do with Islam

Posted by on Jan 08, 2015 at 7:38 am

“This was an attack on freedom,” French President Francois Hollande said. But then, perhaps to avoid spreading the blame to all of France’s Muslims, the largest such minority in Europe, he added, “We must realize our best weapon is unity. Nothing must separate us or drive us apart.”

Well, something is driving us apart: We believe in freedom; the terrorists don’t.

The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (“I am Charlie”) dominated Twitter in the hours after the attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which killed 10 members of the staff and two policemen guarding them.

But are we all Charlie? Very few of us are cartoonists who revel in making fun of Catholics, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and other frequent targets of Charlie Hebdo. Even some press people scoff at such journalism.

Yet it’s easy to understand that when people who make a living using drawing pencils and computer keyboards are gunned down, everybody’s freedom of speech is endangered.

Similarly, it’s absolutely true that very few Muslims are violent thugs who’d don face masks, carry assault rifles and, chanting Allahu Akbar, coolly and systematically gun down anyone perceived to insult the Prophet Mohammed.

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One Response to “Don’t pretend Paris terror attack has nothing to do with Islam”

  1. sound awake on 8/08/15 at 9:35 pm

    these guys were known to law enforcement-they were on the radar

    this is going to happen here-its inevitable

    when is the united states going to do what it should have done 13 years ago and OFFICIALLY DECLARE WAR BACK on militant/fundamental islam so that it can legally round up all the people here known and suspected of jihad and put them in camps where they belong and close all their mosques and freeze all their bank accounts until “the war is over”, then they can go back home…

    id bet a lot of unwanted individuals in general and would-be jihadists in particular would just pack it up and leave and not come back and tell everybody back home that its not worth being locked up for life…

    seems pretty simple to me…seems to me EXACTLY what “the greatest generation” would have done…