Despite Shameless Pandering and Groveling, Illegal Aliens Heckle and Disrupt UC President Janet Napolitano

Posted by on May 08, 2015 at 10:06 am

Even the people who pander to and throw money at illegal aliens are subject to their obnoxious, belligerent behavior. We’d suggest this is a wake-up call to the left, but they just keep encouraging this nonsense.

The University of California’s national summit on undocumented students started going sideways seconds after UC President Janet Napolitano stepped to the podium to make her opening remarks Thursday morning.

As Napolitano greeted 260 attendees from across the nation who came to share ideas on admitting, retaining and supporting students who lack legal immigration status, dozens of undocumented students around the room suddenly stood and raised their fists in the air.

“We are not here to simply fill your seats for your political gain,” said one.

“We demand that you listen to us,” said another.

They’re clearly afraid while living in the shadows, huh? In a sane world these two would be outfitted with handcuffs and escorted to the nearest deportation center.

Several other undocumented students heckled the UC chief before all of them walked out, leaving Napolitano to speak to an auditorium left one-third empty.

“I was not surprised, and I thought they were very articulate,” Napolitano said during an interview in her Oakland office a few hours later. “But now I want them to channel that energy into something positive that we can do — this is about moving forward.”

She thought they were very articulate! Wonderful. These illegals take a hot, steaming dump on her and she’s fawning all over them.

In the interview with this newspaper, Napolitano defended her record. She pointed out that with Congress stalemated on immigration reform, the only big change in recent years has been the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy launched in 2012 to prevent deportation of many Dreamers — a policy she wrote and implemented.

And since taking UC’s reins in 2013, Napolitano said, “We have taken major steps in support of undocumented students, and we continue to look for best practices to adopt knowing that the federal law hasn’t changed.”

Among the steps Napolitano has taken: She started meeting with undocumented students and announced $5 million to provide more resources to meet their needs.

Law-abiding families struggle to pay tuition for their childre and she throws $5 million at illegals to help “meet their needs.” This is just pathetic.

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