Deranged Obama: ISIS Using Gitmo to Rationalize ‘Demented, Sick’ Violence

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 at 9:47 am
Barack Obama

Yes, if it weren’t for Club Gitmo, these savage animals would be out there working as community organizers, we guess.

President Obama said Thursday that the Guantanamo Bay detention facility is helping the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) create new terrorists.

“Guantanamo has been an enormous recruitment tool for organizations like ISIL,” he said during a press conference in Manila, using the administration’s preferred acronym for the extremist group.

“It is part of how they rationalize and justify their demented, sick perpetration of violence on innocent people,” Obama said.

“We can keep the American people safe while shutting down that operation,” the president added. “We’ve already reduced dramatically the populations.

“We are spending millions of dollars per detainee, and it’s not necessary for us to keep people safe. I expect that early by next year we may have even fewer than 100 people at Guantanamo.”

Obama said he still plans on shutting down Guantanamo Bay, despite skepticism from Republicans.

“We are going to go through meticulously, with Congress, [over] what our options are and why we think it should be closed,” he said at the Philippine International Convention Center.

“I guarantee you there will be strong resistance, because in the aftermath of Paris, I think that there is just a very strong tendency for us to get worked up around issues that don’t actually make us safer but make for good political sound bites,” Obama said, referencing last week’s terrorist attacks that killed 129 people.

You mean getting worked up around issues like this:

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