Democrats and Republicans actually agree — CNBC debate was a disaster

Posted by on Nov 02, 2015 at 7:47 am

Even top New York Democrats are describing last week’s CNBC “debate” as a partisan fiasco designed to embarrass the Republican presidential hopefuls and undermine their chances of winning election next year.

“If that was a Democratic debate and the Democratic candidates were treated by CNBC like the Republicans were, we’d be as upset if not more upset than the Republicans are now,’’ one of the state’s best-known Democrats — a strong Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter — told The Post.

“CNBC created a terrible environment in which to have a debate and it looked very, very partisan.

“The CNBC hosts were very adversarial and the questions were really self-serving, designed to give the questioners a chance to outshine the candidates themselves,” continued the well-known Democrat, who refused to be identified for fear of being accused of aiding Republicans.

He singled out CNBC chief Washington correspondent and New York Times political writer John Harwood for special scorn, calling him “really terrible as the lead questioner” and “a one-man rant against all of the candidates.”

The Democrat said he was especially offended by Harwood’s “nasty’’ comment that Donald Trump’s tax-cutting proposal had as much chance to succeed as Trump had of flying from the podium “flapping your arms.”

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