Dancing Douchebags Protest Tampon Tax in Australia

Posted by on May 28, 2015 at 6:49 am

Apparently the mental illness known as feminism has spread well beyond our borders. Considering these crackpots supposedly want equality, why don’t they want to pay taxes like everyone else?

What about their fair share?!?

Giant dancing tampons and a mobile billboard addressed to Prime Minister Tony Abbott could be seen outside the Parliament today, in a woman’s campaign to abolish GST for sanitary products.

University student Subeta Vimalarajah, who has gathered more than 98,000 signatures for her Stop Taxing My Period petition, exposed the billboard and assembled a group of women dressed as giant tampons on the lawns of the Parliament House this morning.

The campaign follows Joe Hockey’s appearance on ABC’s Q&A on Monday, where he agreed that the tax should be scrapped, but Prime Minister Tony Abbott indicated that this is a matter for the state treasurer to figure out.

‘Mr Abbott has backed away from addressing this inequality at every opportunity, diverting responsibility to anyone but himself,’ Ms Vimalarajah said in a press release.

‘Sanitary items are an essential health item, used at least once a month by at least half the population. It’s time our Minister for Women recognised that periods aren’t paychecks, they’re a pain.’

Ms Vimalarajah, got the opportunity to ask Mr Hockey a direct line of questioning regarding the tax on the ABC TV program Q&A on Monday night.

‘Mr Hockey, do you think that sanitary products are an essential health good for half the population?’ she asked.

After the audience laughed and applauded Ms Vimalarajah’s for being so straightforward, Mr Hockey simply replied with: ‘I think so.’

When probed further by host Tony Jones if the GST should be removed from such products, Mr Hockey added: ‘It probably should, yes, the answer’s yes.’

Clearly all the pressing issues facing society have been addressed when we can spend out time talking about feminine hygiene products.


Bloody unfair. Get it?

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