Cuomo Spokesman Slaps Weiner on Twitter

Posted by on Feb 13, 2015 at 8:04 am

Apparently the disgraced Anthony Weiner hasn’t learned to stay of Twitter. What a dolt.

Anthony Weiner can’t stop getting himself into trouble on social media.

The disgraced ex-congressman ignited a juvenile Twitter war with Gov. Cuomo Thursday when Weiner poked fun at the governor’s decision last month to shut down the transit system on Jan. 26 in preparation for the “blizzard” that wasn’t.

“Sunday’s gonna be cold. Governor Cuomo will soon be closing the subway,” tweeted Weiner, who in 2011 resigned in disgrace over a sext­ing scandal.

We have no use for Cuomo, but we have even less for this pathetic schmuck Weiner. But the reply is priceless:


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