Corrupt Clinton Foundation Paid Sleazy Sidney Blumenthal $10K a Month to Provide Intel on Libya

Posted by on May 28, 2015 at 7:37 am

The endless Clinton parade of sleaze continues.

Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton, earned about $10,000 a month as a full-time employee of the Clinton Foundation while he was providing unsolicited intelligence on Libya to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to multiple sources familiar with the arrangement.

Blumenthal was added to the payroll of the Clintons’ global philanthropy in 2009 — not long after advising Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — at the behest of former president Bill Clinton, for whom he had worked in the White House, say the sources.

While Blumenthal’s foundation job focused on highlighting the legacy of Clinton’s presidency, some officials at the charity questioned his value and grumbled that his hiring was a favor from the Clintons, according to people familiar with the foundation. They say that, during a 2013 reform push, Blumenthal was moved to a consulting contract that came with a similar pay rate but without benefits — an arrangement that endured until March.

A Clinton loyalist who first earned the family’s trust as an aggressive combatant in the political battles of the 1990s, Blumenthal continues to work as a paid consultant to two groups supporting Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign — American Bridge and Media Matters — both of which are run by David Brock, a close ally of both Clinton and Blumenthal.

Yet Blumenthal’s financial and personal connections to the Clintons and their allies have emerged as subjects of intense scrutiny as Clinton seeks to gain momentum for her presidential campaign.

Intense scrutiny? Really? Weird how these stories are buried by the networks and “mainstream” medie and dismissed as “old news” by oily Clinton hacks.

Media Matters spokesman Zac Petkanas wouldn’t provide details on Blumenthal’s relationship with the group. “We’ve worked with various consultants over the years,” he said. “As a matter of policy, we do not discuss the details of any of these arrangements.”

The idea anyone would run with a quote from some Media Matters toady is laughable, yet indicative of today’s sorry state of journalism.

But Blumenthal’s work for American Bridge and Media Matters is described as ongoing, even as those groups come to Clinton’s defense by trying to neutralize attacks on her related to Benghazi and her use of a private email account and server for official business, while assailing the prospective Republican rivals leveling those attacks.

Speaking of the sorry state of journalism, pointing out truth and possible criminal behavior is not an attack.

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