Cornell Dean Says ISIS and Hamas are Welcome at the Ivy League School

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 at 7:29 am
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We wonder if he’d be so welcoming to so-called climate deniers?

This guy is either the dumbest Ivy League bigwig ever or politically correct to a fault — for welcoming offers to bring ISIS and Hamas to Cornell University.

A video sting operation shows Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido, agreeing to everything suggested by an undercover muckraker posing as a Moroccan student.

Scaffido casually endorses inviting an ISIS “freedom fighter’’ to conduct a “training camp” for students at the upstate Ithaca campus — bizarrely likening the activity to a sports camp.

Is it OK to bring a humanitarian pro-“Islamic State Iraq and Syria” group on campus, the undercover for conservative activist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas asks.

Sure, Scaffido says in the recorded March 16 meeting.

Scaffido doesn’t even blink an eye when the undercover asks about providing material support for terrorists — “care packages, whether it be food, water, electronics.”

How about supporting Hamas?

No problem at all, Scaffido said.

“The university is not going to look at different groups and say, ‘You’re not allowed to support that group because we don’t believe them’ or something like that. I think it’s just the opposite. I think the university wants the entire community to understand what’s going on in all parts of the world,” Scaffido said.

The undercover asked if he can invite “a freedom fighter to come and do like a training camp for students.”

Scaffido responds, “You would be allowed to do something like that. It’s just like brining in a coach, to do a training, a sports trainer or something,” the Cornell official said.

Of course this will be dismissed, as usual, because James O’Keefe’s group nailed this clown.

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3 Responses to “Cornell Dean Says ISIS and Hamas are Welcome at the Ivy League School”

  1. SNuss on 26/26/15 at 1:54 pm

    But if a CONSERVATIVE was to speak there, there would be massive riots and other violent acts, by the “tolerant” Leftists.

  2. mike191 on 27/27/15 at 8:56 am

    How can you have an corpulent toady “down for the struggle”, while so many are starving.

    Every student at Cornell should see how this asshole gets paid via student activity fees, tuition, grants ,