Convenient: DNI Terror Threat Assessment Leaves Off World’s Largest State Sponsor of Terrorism

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 at 7:38 am

If you needed any further evidence  Obama is off his rocker, look no further.

An annual security report prepared by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and given to the Senate did not include Iran or Hezbollah as terror threats.
The unclassified Worldwide Threat Assessment even praised Iran for its “intentions to dampen sectarianism, build responsive partners, and deescalate tensions with Saudi Arabia.”
Both Iran and Hezbollah, a militant group and political party in Lebanon, appeared in the “Terrorism” section of the 2014 Worldwide Threat Assessment, with Iran also appearing there in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Iran was cited in this year’s report as both a regional threat to the Middle East and a cyber threat.
Max Abrahms, member at the Council of Foreign Relations, told Newsweek the U.S. may be softening its stance on Iran in exchange for help with counterterrorism.
Frankly we’re kind of surprised the Tea Party was left off. You know who understands the threat facing us from Iran? The guy Obama worked hard to defeat in Israel. How’d that work out?

Bibi’s path to forming a new government is clear and should be relatively easy, especially compared to last time.

He gambled his entire career and he won, just as he did with the speech in front of Congress earlier this month.

The three-month election process was heart-stopping and melodramatic, like an old “Batman” episode from the 1960s without the camp — including the startling role played by Special Guest Villain Barack Obama doing everything in his power to take down the man he seems to have chosen as his Enemy No. 1.

The president (or his team) shipped close campaign aides to Israel to help Bibi’s opponents, and one State Department-funded group helped coordinate the line of attack.

The strategists going after him figured out that the key to the election was to stimulate what might be called “Bibi exhaustion” in the electorate. Their approach was to remind centrist voters of Bibi’s failure to do anything about the nation’s spiraling cost-of-living crisis, which had helped bring hundreds of thousands of Israelis into the streets in mass protests in 2011.

It worked. A bit. The Zionist Union won something like 24 seats, an improvement for its core Labor Party from 15 seats just two years ago. But the thing is, Israel’s left doesn’t have any answers to the nation’s pressing problems either — and is seen as too ready to capitulate on hard-core defense and security issues.

So, in the final days of the election, trapped in his own backfield, the Zionist Union coming hard upon him as Obama and his minions cheered from the skyboxes, Bibi eluded its grasp and made his move. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Bibi pulled off a pretty spectacular piece of footwork in the most exciting election finish I can remember.

Just remember, Obama’s at his very worst when he suffers humiliating defeat. He’s probably trying to figure out how he can issue an executive action overturning the results in Israel.

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  1. SNuss on 18/18/15 at 1:46 pm

    The difference between a patriotic statesman, and a socialist/Marxist community organizer, has never been more obvious to any thinking person.