Confused Grandmother Mistakenly Chides GOP for Not Naming a Woman to be on $10 Bill, Can’t Name One Herself

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 at 1:14 pm

How bad have things gotten for Granny Clinton? TMZ is laughing at her.

When TMZ first asked Clinton about placing Maya Angelou on the $10 bill, she deflected the question. “You know, I was sort of amazed that the Republicans couldn’t think of one American woman that could be on the ten-dollar bill,” she laughed while signing autographs.

“And I could give them a really long list if they’re interested.” Not entirely true, as TMZ staff pointed out in their story: “There were a couple nods [by Republicans] for Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony.” Also not entirely true: Clinton having a “really long list.” TMZ followed up in the next question by asking, “Who would you consider a good person?” “There’s a lot of them,” Clinton replied.

TMZ concluded the story by commenting, “Lotsa crickets in D.C. this time o’ year.”

As a last question, they asked “Does Oprah have a chance?” She replied, “I think they said the person has to have already passed. You know, obviously, we don’t want that to happen to her,” and then she laughed loudly.

It’s that God-awful cackling she’s been using seemingly everywhere the past week. Worse than nails on a chalkboard. We cannot survive as a nation with that cackle much longer.

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