CNN Twit Who Slobbered Over Hillary at Chipotle Scores ‘Exclusive’ Interview With Reclusive Grandmother

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In a major surprise, this so-called journalist recently attended a wedding of one of Grandma’s aides. Can’t wait for this creampuff “interview” we’re sure to see.

It was announced on Monday that Hillary Clinton’s first national TV interview will go to CNN’s Brianna Keilar, a journalist who previously fawned over the Democrat’s appearance at Chipotle. Keilar also attended the wedding of a top Clinton aide two weeks ago.

On April 14, Keilar hyped, “Yesterday [Mrs. Clinton] stopped at a Chipotle, a campaign aide sharing with us that she had a chicken burrito bowl with black beans and guacamole and an iced tea. And you know what that kind of detail tells you — it says, ‘She’s just like us. She eats at Chipotle.'”

She eats at Chipotle? She’s just like us? Is this journalism?

On May 14, 2014, Keilar praised Bill Clinton’s defense of his wife against attacks by Karl Rove, “To do it with humor was effective. I thought it was effective.”

We’re sure the first “interview” of her three-month campaign will be hard-hitting, with questions ranging from how awesome being a grandmother is to what her favorite ice cream is. Don’t expect any of this to be divulged while she and Grandma are lobbing Twinkies at each other.

Now the important questions: Will Keilar disclose this relationship to a top Clinton aide before or during her interview with the presidential candidate? Does she even need to?

To answer the latter question: Yes. Always err on the side of full disclosure.

Keilar’s declared beat is “covering 2016 Democrats and Hillary Clinton,” so perhaps it’s expected that she would have contacts (that verge on friendships) within the candidate’s inner circle. But the average viewer should be made aware of those ties.

Without such disclosure, Keilar is liable to set CNN up for a George Stephanopoulos-like embarrassment (albeit without the financial connection, as far as we know).

Though I’d argue that “objective journalism” never existed, it remains the label on which many reporters hang their hats. When one fails to disclose even the remotest personal or financial connections to the people or organizations they cover, it is only fair that accusations of bias follow.


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