CNN Poll: Granny Clinton’s Favorable Rating Lowest in 14 Years, 57% Think She’s Dishonest

Posted by on Jun 02, 2015 at 8:28 am
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Ironically this comes just as news that the group urging Elizabeth Warren to run has shut down. They might want to reconsider.

More people have an unfavorable view of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton now than at any time since 2001, according to a new CNN/ORC poll on the 2016 race.

While Clinton remains strikingly dominant in the Democratic field, the poll shows that her numbers have dropped significantly across several key indicators since she launched her campaign in April.

A growing number of people say she is not honest and trustworthy (57%, up from 49% in March), less than half feel she cares about people like them (47%, down from 53% last July) and more now feel she does not inspire confidence (50%, up from 42% last March).

In head-to-head match-ups against top Republicans, her margin is tighter than it has been at any point in CNN/ORC’s polling on the contest.

On the Republican side, though, no candidate has successfully broken out of the pack.

That’s why we have primaries.

Much of Clinton’s fade is attributable to shifts among independents, but she’s also losing some ground among her own partisans. Her support in the Democratic nomination contest has dropped 9 points since April, and though more than 8-in-10 Democrats said they thought she was honest and trustworthy earlier this year; now, just 73% say so.

The new CNN/ORC poll looking at the shape of the race for the presidency in 2016 finds these warning signs for Clinton, alongside some concerns for the Republican Party’s best-known contender, Jeb Bush.

The GOP contenders she should fear most are all much younger than the rapidly-aging Clinton.

In general election match-ups, Clinton now runs about even with Rand Paul, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio, while she continues to top Bush and Ted Cruz by a significant margin.

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3 Responses to “CNN Poll: Granny Clinton’s Favorable Rating Lowest in 14 Years, 57% Think She’s Dishonest”

  1. Marcus T on 2/02/15 at 9:11 am

    Democrats would vote for a smelly old shoe if it had a (D) on it and promised to keep the free stuff coming at the expense of their neighbors.

  2. Carole on 3/03/15 at 12:09 am

    I’m not a women’s libber or anything like that, but it kinda makes me cringe when people call her Granny as if there is something wrong with that. She and I are the same age and I’m proud of my Granny status. No one refers to any of the men as Grandpa. I’ve been with you for years and just wanted to point that out! I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if someone paid me a zillion dollars!!

  3. Redwine on 3/03/15 at 3:49 am

    Marcus – They have a smelly, old shoe to vote for. His name is Bernie Sanders.