CNN Imbecile Chris Cuomo Doesn’t Quite Understand the First Amendment

Posted by on May 06, 2015 at 10:16 am

Don’t normally see this moron since he long ago blocked me on Twitter for ridiculing him, but came across this gem from someone retweeting his lunacy. Quite obviously this mental midget has no idea what’s in the Constitution or what free speech is. And he’s so proud to display his ignorance for all to see.

So so-called “hate speech” is excluded from First Amendment protection? Well, that’s news to, um, everyone:

Indeed, even Democrat and Al Gore pal Fred Phelps’ hate speech was protected.

No, he can’t. We’re not laughing with you, Chris, we’re laughing at you:

Oh well, it’s not like Democrats are held accountable for anything they say.

Neither can we.

Smug is his default attitude. He’s getting destroyed but isn’t man enough to respond further.

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