Clueless de Blasio Promotes Woman Who Created a “Hostile, Race-Based Work Environment”

Posted by on Jan 11, 2015 at 7:06 pm

Seems to be a natural fit for a hostile, race-based mayor.

The de Blasio administration promoted a disgraced principal to a top Department of Education post despite multiple charges that she’s racist, The Post has learned.

Elif Gure-Perez, who was named in June as an executive director in the DOE’s Office of School Improvement, created a “hostile, race-based work environment,” a Manhattan federal court found months before her appointment.

Gure-Perez, the former principal of PS 316 in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, called one staffer the N-word to her face; referred to an African-American teacher as “Shining,” an insulting term for a shoe shiner; and spoke of buying a bright orange blouse to wear to school “since I know black people like loud colors,” witnesses testified.

She denied the accusations.

In her new post, Gure-Perez is assigned to support 14 high schools in the mayor’s $150 million School Renewal Program for struggling schools, according to DOE spokesman Will Mantell. Her salary is $144,195.

Asked why Chancellor Carmen Fariña promoted Gure-Perez in light of the complaints, the DOE had no comment.

Former PS 316 parent coordinator Carolyn Lovejoy testified she broke down in tears when Gure-Perez yelled at her, “Get out of my office, you n—-r, get out!”

In March, a Manhattan jury found Gure-Perez liable for civil damages, awarding Lovejoy $110,000, which the city is paying.

An assistant principal who testified in Lovejoy’s case, Martin Williams, said Gure-Perez repeatedly used the phrase “black ass” in discussing teachers, and told him to “crack the whip.”

“I felt belittled, and as a black person and an astute student of history, it smacks of racism to me,” Williams said.

How did this get past de Blasio’s boss, Al Sharpton?

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3 Responses to “Clueless de Blasio Promotes Woman Who Created a “Hostile, Race-Based Work Environment””

  1. Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder on 12/12/15 at 8:52 am

    Hain’t clueless; the word for such deliberate creation of destruction and misery is Evil.

  2. biancaneve on 12/12/15 at 9:24 am

    Based on her name, I’m assuming that Ms. Gure-Perez is not a person of pallor. I have long maintained that the worst cases of racism today are not white against brown/black/whatever, but one minority against another minority. And this is further confirmation of my theory.

  3. Peej on 12/12/15 at 2:12 pm

    biancaneve – The first name and the first surname are Turkish, I believe, and the second surname is Spanish. She looks pretty damn white in her pic online. However, the Muslim/ Latina thing and being a woman probably give her some status within the Liberal hierarchy.